Fast Pass for Gala Assist


Over the past few weeks the Gala Assist service has added some new features.  One of these features is the Fast Pass.  The Fast Pass is focused on making the check in process for you and your guests even faster.  Here is how it works.

On the website dashboard for Gala Assist you are able to enter in all of your guests including their contact information.  This can be an overwhelming amount of work for the event organizers.  The Gala Assist service has always had the ability to send out emails to your guests and allow them to update their own contact information.  This effectively takes what would take you hours of work and passes that task on to each of the guests.  The difference is that each guest can update their information in a matter of seconds eliminating the need for you to manually enter all of their information and hope you have current contact numbers and addresses.     

When a guest completes their contact information they are automatically sent a beautiful Fast Pass email.  This email includes their bidder number and a QR code. The email also lets them know that they have been pre-checked in and only need to present this QR code at the door.

Scanning QR codes has of course been added to the main Gala Assist application.  You can find it in the top right corner of the check in screen.  


Even better you can now download the free Fast Pass for Gala Assist application on any iPhone or iPad that has a camera.  Simply log in and let your volunteers scan in your guests faster then ever before.   You provide an incentive for your guests to complete their information and in return offer a way for them to check in to your event in a matter of seconds.  Everybody wins!