First Friday Art Trail

the First Friday Art Trail website is a fully responsive site that looks great on all devices.  It is designed with the user in mind.  At the top a large image is displayed under the text.  The image is pulled from a random set of images and is different every time the user visits the site.  This keeps the site looking fresh month after month.   One of the features we added is that the list of participating venues and the information for each venue is pulled from a database that is easily updated from a website.  This takes the pain out of trying to update a very frequently updated Site..  


The Mobile app was written for both iOS and Android.  It features images from Instagram tagged #firstfridayarttrail allowing the user of the app to participate in curating the apps content.  This social element has been very well received and browsing the images is a great place to hang out when deciding what to do on the night of the art trail.  This app uses size classes meaning it will look great on all sizes of devices from iPhone to iPad. 


Both the iPhone and android version of the app pulls information from the same database as the website so when the trail needs to be updated, it is simple and painless.  Just log into the administration section of the website, copy and paste your information for each venue.  Click save and both the app and the website are up to date!.